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Kirsten Booth
BA Sp&A (Hons)
Consultant Audiologist

Kirsten is a Consultant Audiologist at Regain Hearing’s Eltham branch and has been part of the company since the beginning of 2018. Kirsten prides herself on putting her clients first and takes a holistic approach that focuses on the improvement of the client’s participation in daily activities and society, and thus improving their overall quality of life. Kirsten is a fun-loving, passionate individual who will always go the extra mile to help and serve others.


Kirsten is a dually-qualified Speech-Language Therapist and Audiologist who obtained her degree from the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) in South Africa. During her first year of study, Kirsten was invited to join the Golden Key International Honours Society. She considers this a great achievement as the society only accepts those of the highest level performance in their field of study. Throughout her time at university she studied under some of the top minds in her field and went through several clinical placements, diagnosing and treating patients as early as her second year. Kirsten also wrote a dissertation during her final year on a risk-based newborn screening programme - one of her many areas of passion within the field of audiology among hearing aids, wax removal, and vestibular testing. 

Kirsten has a history of working in the rigorous environments of multiple government-sector hospitals within the urban and rural settlements of Johannesburg. Kirsten spent a year practicing as both a Speech-Language Therapist and Audiologist at the Dr. Yusuf Dadoo hospital, where she gained experience treating patients who suffered traumatic brain injury and stroke, treating patients with dementia, conducting swallowing assessments on newborns, providing tinnitus retraining therapy, and monitoring patients with HIV and TB whose treatment often severely affected their hearing sensitivity. Kirsten often took on managerial and administrative roles at the hospital and was spoken of highly by her patients and peers for her compassion and kindness.

While Kirsten enjoys Speech-Language Therapy, her passion for Audiology and hearing care are what motivated her to step into the world of private Audiology. She has a particular interest in the mental health of her patients and prides herself on providing counselling where needed in her consultations. She believes that with the latest advancements in hearing aid technology, combined with counselling and a focus on the client’s mental well-being, she can make the most significant impact to a client’s hearing care.

Personal Life

Kirsten is a lover of fine wine, adventures, and exploring the world with her husband. From dabbling in dancing and modelling to taking courses in calligraphy and cooking, Kirsten is just as much up for a challenge in her personal life as she is in her professional life. She values time with friends and family and she goes back to visit her family in South Africa as often as she can. She hopes to explore more of the UK and Europe in the coming years.


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