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Lee Fletcher
(RHAD), (BSHAA), Ba(Hons)
Company Director, Principal Audiologist

As company director and principal audiologist for Regain Hearing, Mr Lee Fletcher is no stranger to the hearing aid industry. He has dispensed private hearing aids for over a decade, first qualifying in 2005, where he trained at Amplivox Academy in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Incidentally, this is where he also met his partner Lindsay Stride (RHAD) on the same audiology training course. The rest, as they say, is history. Lee has had a flourishing career in audiology over the years, establishing highly skilled, self-developed techniques to effectively treat hearing loss and tinnitus. He is a true specialist in his field, with an approachable, down-to-earth manner and a strong sense of professionalism. 

He has a natural ability to quickly put clients at ease. He has time for people and listens to the patients' needs before addressing their concerns. Lee's technical ability is second to none, whether correcting a challenging hearing loss or honing in on a particularly troublesome case of tinnitus. He has an intuitive sense of what needs to be done in order to achieve success through technology - a rare skill indeed, especially in a growing industry with over 300 products to choose from and a multitude of conflicting advice.

Lee started his career in Audiology as a field operative, providing a home visit hearing aid service working for Hearing Health; Amplifon and Hearing & Mobility. Lee was soon promoted to running a national hearing aid exhibition team, as he showed a certain flare for technology and innovation. He developed the first mobile demonstration unit in the UK, where he was able to show clients instant hearing correction, and the benefits of listening to improved speech clarity whilst using a noise simulator.

In 2007, due to the success of the exhibition team, Lee was promoted to running the flagship Amplifon hearing aid centre in Maidstone as a corporate audiologist (the youngest to achieve this at the time). In part, many of Lee's achievements have been due to the degree he studied long before his career in audiology. He obtained a 2:1 Ba (Hons) degree in Creative Music Technology from Sheffield University in 1999. This has given him an intuitive understanding of sonic behaviour when marrying digital sound manipulation together with organic sound transference, i.e. the human ear - especially complex when there is a dysfunction somewhere in the auditory pathway (his words!).

Since setting up Regain Hearing in 2010, Lee has run the company predominantly as a domiciliary hearing clinic. More recently, he has overseen the launch of a new practice in Eltham, where the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment has been installed for hearing and tinnitus treatments. The latter part is especially pertinent, as Lee has become very skilled at reducing and even eliminating Tinnitus in even the toughest of cases. Regain Hearing has earned the title of Tinnitus Clinic, one their specialist subjects, truly unique in the services they provide.


In his private life, Lee has a strong passion for guitar, classically trained and involved in various musical groups. His creativity doesn't stop at solely his career, as he is also a composer of music in contemporary styles, regularly performing at venues across London and Kent.


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