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Phonak Hearing Aids

The Newest and The Best Hearing Aids From Phonak

Audeo Belong Hearing Devices

As we have said, the Audeo Belong hearing device range is the first Phonak hearing device range with a rechargeable option. This in itself is quite an amazing innovation and a new direction for them. However there is much more that is new in this range than just that, the Belong comes with an upgraded operating system, the latest version of Phonak's SoundRecover2 and new microphones and programme buttons.

The range uses the existing Venture chipset and is available in four technology levels, the 90, the 70, the 50 and the 30, although the rechargeable option is not available in the 30 level of technology, perhaps in the next platform. That is a pity because the rechargeable hearing devices are proving amazingly popular.  

New Autosense System

The operating system in the Belong range is an updated version of Phonak's Autosense OS. They have improved the system with new settings that manage how the system works. Phonak's continued research on AutoSense OS gave them the opportunity to make it even better. 

They have tweaked the operating system, changing how the hearing aids respond to changes in the sound environment. They say that these changes deliver even better speech intelligibility across the different settings. 


SoundRecover2 is Phonak's latest version of their frequency compression strategy. It is feature that moves high frequency sounds in speech into lower areas of hearing. It is exceptionally useful for people who have little or no hearing in their high frequency range. The feature works only when needed, for instance if a sound is in an area of hearing where you simply could not hear it. 

In cases like this normal amplification will simply not work well, SoundRecover2 moves the sound to an area where the is usable hearing, which will allow you to hear the sound information you need to understand speech. The new and updated version was first introduced in the new Naida Venture and there has been excellent reports about it from users. 

Hardware changes

The Audeo Belong has a new style of button which is more functional and a new microphone system. While the button change is designed to make the aids easier to use, the microphone change is probably the most important. The new microphone system is designed to make the devices sound better in both noise and quiet. Most hearing aids suffer from something that is called circuit noise, it is a low volume sound that is often described by users as a hiss. 

More often than not circuit noise is caused by the function of the microphones in the aids. The noise is never very loud but if you have good low frequency hearing you will hear it. The new microphone system almost eliminates this noise, the feedback from users is that they are the quietest hearing aids they have ever worn. So quiet that they can almost forget they are on. 

The Phonak Audeo Belong Hearing Aid Range

The range itself is a relatively typical full line Audeo offering, so that is a full range of Receiver in Canal devices. Let's take a look:

Audeo B-10

Very small RIC device using a size 10 battery, it is quite discreet and can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. It doesn't have a telecoil although as always it is a wireless device. It has a button but no volume control. 

Audeo B-312

Again a very small RIC device, however, it uses a size 312 battery, it is still very discreet and can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. Like the 10, it doesn't have a telecoil although as always it is a wireless device. It has a button but no volume control. 

Audeo B-312T

Slightly bigger than the 312, it is still a small and discrete device RIC which uses a size 312 battery, it can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. Un-like the 10 and the 312, it has a telecoil as well as being a wireless device. It has a button but no volume control

Audeo B-13

The largest of the Audeo B RIC range, it runs on a size 13 battery and can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. The 13 comes fully loaded with both a telecoil, programme button and a volume control as well as being a wireless device.

Audeo B-R

The RIC device that all the hype has been about, a rechargeable hearing device running on Lithium-ion power. A solid 24 hours of use  from one three hour charge. It can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses down to profound. It is also a wireless device with a programme button but no volume control or telecoil. 

The Phonak Virto V Custom Hearing Aids

Designed for you

Individually crafted to fit perfectly into your ear canal, while providing ultimate comfort and meeting your everyday needs

Personalized performance

Adapts automatically and seamlessly to provide the best hearing performance in every listening situation

The best kept secret

Discreet and more compact than any other hearing aid in its class, you won’t even realize that you’re wearing hearing aids, nor will anyone else

More music enjoyment

Tested by expert listeners, Venture hearing aids come out top for music

The newest custom hearing aid range from Phonak. The Phonak Virto V Custom Product family is designed with you in mind. Individually crafted and tailored to your hearing needs, Virto V automatically adapts to your specific listening situation and allows you to better understand speech. Designed to fit perfectly into your ear canal for ultimate comfort, there is no other hearing aid this small, capable of this much performance.

Phonak Audeo V

The new hearing aid range from Phonak, the Audéo V, is a Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aid, making it a versatile but highly discreet option.  The Audeo V replaces the Audeo Q hearing aid family. The choice of hair and skin colours that Phonak have made available enhances the hearing aid's discreetness if that what you want. The fashion and fun colours make sure that you can show them off, if that is more your style.

Phonak have ensured that they have introduced something to suit every style. The hearing devices deliver fantastic support in even the most challenging listening situations, as you would expect from such a quality hearing aid manufacturer. they really are a complete package, great sound quality and a discreet, modern design. The Audeo V delivers:

  • a great choice of styles at different price levels
    • An option to help manage tinnitus
    • And so small that it virtually disappears behind the ear

Learn more about the Virto V90 hearing aid range here

The New Bolero V Hearing Aid Range

Phonak has just released the new Bolero V digital hearing aids. They feature Phonak's latest high-performance technology and are designed to provide you a seamless listening experience across all of the sound environments you enjoy.

As is usual with Phonak, they deliver all of this in an aesthetically appealing and robust design. The Bolero V is a traditional Behind The Ear type hearing device family. So what have they got to offer,

  • Newly designed models at different performance levels
  • Water resistant and dust tight
  • Connects to the entire Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio


Styles and Colours

Designed to suit you

Phonak Bolero V is designed to suit your individual style and preferences. It comes in a choice of 11 colours, so you can match your personality, hair or skin with either vibrant or subtle tones. They can be worn with traditional tubing and moulds or they can be worn with thin tube and domes, whichever suits your hearing loss.  

Programmes, Features & Benefits

Phonak Bolero V & Audéo V digital hearing aids cover a broad range of hearing levels from moderate to profound, and can be adapted to your needs over time. There is a tinnitus option available in all styles and at all price levels. At Regain Hearing we can help you choose an optimal solution. lets look at a quick run down of what is available in the new range. 

AutoSense OS

An outstanding automatic feature that seamlessly alters your hearing aids to your changing listening environment. AutoSense OS accurately captures the precise listening environment you are in, changing when it needs to, to provide you with a comfortable, seamless listening experience throughout your day.

Speech in Loud Noise

The feature helps you focus in on the single voice you want to hear from a noisy crowd. When noise reaches a level that makes understanding one person in a crowd difficult, StereoZoom, Phonak's excellent microphone management system is automatically activated, allowing you to focus on the voice you want to hear and ignore the noise you don't.

Speech in 360°

Understand speech from any direction. The Speech in 360 feature automatically selects the direction of speech and sends this speech signal from one hearing aid to the other, improving clarity and speech intelligibility without the need for you to face the speaker.

Speech in Wind

Enjoy conversations even on a windy day. When wearing hearing aids wind noise can interfere with your speech understanding and listening comfort. The Speech in Wind feature enhances your ability to understand speech well, even when the wind is blowing.

Connect & Communicate

Phonak Bolero V is compatible with the Phonak wireless communication portfolio. These accessory wireless devices deliver quality sound, ease of use and support you across many different situations that you face on a day to day basis. 

Phonak Easycall

The Phonak EasyCall connects hearing aids wirelessly with any Bluetooth enabled cell phone. It binaurally streams the phone call directly to the hearing aids for maximum speech understanding.

Phonak Dect II

The Phonak DECT II is the ideal phone for use both at home or in a small office. The phone signal is streamed wirelessly to both hearing aids simultaneously. This provides unmatched sound quality and great understanding.

Phonak Conversation Set

The small and stylish Phonak ComPilot Air II Bluetooth streamer, combined with the RemoteMic, transmits a distant speaker’s voice directly to both hearing aids over a distance of up to 20 meters (66 ft).

Phonak Entertainment Set

TVLink II, combined with ComPilot II provides high quality stereo sound directly to both hearing aids when watching TV or listening to music. 24 hours continuous streaming time and 30 meters range.

Older Phonak Products

The Phonak Q90, Q70, Q50 and Q30 Range of Hearing Aids

At Regain Hearing we also use the older Phonak Q90, Q70, Q50 and Q 30 technology levels. The Q and number designation is Phonak's way of breaking down the platform and the technology levels of the hearing aids. In the case of the Q90, it means the premier or highest technology that Phonak has to offer on the Quest platform. In the case of the Q70, it is the advanced level of technology, just under premier and so on until you reach the Q30 at entry level. These technology levels actually exists across four types of hearing aids. Let me explain them.

The Phonak Bolero Q Hearing Aids

The Phonak Bolero Q is a range of Behind The Ear (BTE) devices that are available in a range of styles that include water and dust resistance to give you confidence in active situations. They are state of the art hearing aids that were designed to suit differing individual lifestyle and hearing needs. They come in a variety of hair, skin, fashion and fun colours, so you can be sure you will get one that suits you.

The technology in the Bolero Q range offers a host of unique features that will enrich the listening experience of daily life. Wherever you are and wherever you go, you may expect to be able to hear and understand with confidence. The Bolero Q does everything to fulfil your expectations to not only hear but understand better in every sound situation no matter how challenging.

Whilst hearing everything in conversation is the top priority, comfort is also important. The Bolero Q comes with a host of comfort features that can be set to your individual needs. They effectively eliminate uncomfortable and unwanted sounds when they occur.

The Phonak Virto Q Hearing Aids

The Phonak Virto Q range is a range of Custom made In The Ear (ITE) devices that are available in a range of styles and technology levels. Ultimately discrete products that will not only let you understand better but do so with confidence. They deliver the perfect balance between performance and cosmetic appeal, they range from small to virtually invisible, suiting your individual lifestyle and hearing needs. The Virto Q Nano model is the industry's smallest ever custom hearing aid that gives full confidence by being virtually invisible.

Phonak Virto Q custom products are individually crafted to your ear canal in order that they fit perfectly and comfortably in your ears. With Virto Q you benefit from the broadest selection of unique features on the inside, with the highest degree of discretion on the outside. The features in the Virto Q will ensure that you can master even the toughest listening situations.  These aids provide superb comfort and discretion with a host of unique features for an extraordinary hearing experience. The MiniControl that is available allows for easy volume or program selection given you even more control.

The Phonak Audéo Q Hearing Aids

The Phonak Audeo Q is a range of Receiver In the Canal (RIC) devices that are available in three different styles all offering a fantastic balance of size, features and performance. They are state of the art hearing aids that are designed to suit differing individual lifestyle and hearing needs. They come in a variety of hair and skin colours that enhance their discreetness. In fact they are so small they almost disappear behind your ears. Fashion and fun colours are also available though, so you can share your style.

The technology in the Audéo Q products offers a host of unique features designed to enrich the listening experience in your day-to-day life.  Helping you to hear and understand in even the toughest listening environments. Enjoying laughter, children’s voices or the subtle sound of rustling leaves under your feet enriches your hearing world. Hearing the nuances of life’s sound-scapes is part of the joy in rediscovering the pleasures of good hearing. Phonak Audéo Q has unique proven technologies that will exceed your expectations, combined with their discreetness they are the perfect hearing aids for people who haven't worn hearing aids before.

The Phonak Naida Q Hearing Aids

The Phonak Naida Q is the high performance, power hearing aid range available in a traditional BTE and a discreet RIC. They are water and dust resistant to give you confidence in active situations. They are state of the art hearing aids that were designed to suit your individual lifestyle and hearing needs. Like the rest of our BTEs they come in a variety of hair, skin, fashion and fun colours, so you can be sure you will get one that suits your style.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you expect to be able to hear and understand with confidence. The technology in Phonak Naída Q products offers a host of unique features designed to enrich the listening experience in your day-to-day life. The Naida Q range helps you to hear and understand in even the toughest listening situations while providing hearing comfort at all times. The latest Phonak solution represents a significant leap forward in technology. It enables people with a severe to profound hearing loss to hear and understand many more words than ever before.


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