The Clarendon
Monday 14th January to Saturday 19th January 2019

Are you interested in or are thinking of updating your hearing aids? Well we may just have the thing for you.

You can come along and see the very latest hearing aids including the now famous Made For iPhone hearing aids and the latest exciting rechargeable digital hearing devices. No more hearing aid batteries, imagine that!

During this event you will receive the following FREE SERVICES:

  1. FREE hearing screening and consultation
  2. FREE technology demonstration
  3. FREE clean and check of your current hearing aids



Made for iPhone hearing aids

It's a New Year, is it time for you to to change your life? A new diet, no more cigarettes, time to deal with your hearing? Modern hearing aids are really quite astonishing, technology has moved on so much in even just the last year. Fully automatic, or controlled by your smartphone, disposable batteries or rechargeable hearing aids, you decide. Invisible hearing aid options to fit neatly in your ear. Hearing loss on one side only? No problem, new devices have been introduced that allow you to experience hearing in stereo again! Stream speech from TV or phone directly to both ears. The options are endless

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Amazing new rechargeable hearing aid options that won't let you down, no more fiddling about with hearing aid batteries! Twenty four hours of use on one simple three hour charge.



Brand new technology - 10 years in development is finally here! In many instances, tinnitus sufferers experience partial or even total relief from ringing or buzzing sounds in their ears when wearing these new ultra discreet products. Come along and see if we can help reduce yours.

We specialise in restoring hearing, even for the most complex of hearing losses, using new technology and prescriptive methods not found on the high street. So even if you think you are beyond help, we may well surprise you!

Low Cost Guaranteed

Event week prices are always keener, low cost guaranteed with technology to suit all budgets. Never any obligation, that simply isn't how we work. Technology has changed, hearing aids as you may have known them are history. Come and hear the difference for yourself in high definition.

Why put it off any longer? Make 2019 the year you get your hearing sorted!

If you have any questions or would like to know more, or if you would like a hearing test in London, Kent or Essex, call us on 0800 028 6763 or book an appointment online now!



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